On Deck – New Braunfels Brewing 4th Anniversary Party

Perhaps the most innovative brewery in Texas is having their 4th anniversary party on Saturday, May 13th at Das Lokal Tap Room at New Braunfels Brewing Company. If you skipped Wurstfest in New Braunfels this year, you won’t want to miss this event since this is when Kelly, Nathan, and the team unleash some rarely-seen beers that you can’t get anywhere else. Music will be provided by the Rick Lugo Band and you’ll be able to grab food from the Texas PO Boys food truck as well.

As I mentioned, the beer selection is going to be outstanding with three bars stationed to tend to thirsty Texans wanting to try some unique beers. The current lineup stands as such:

Inside Bar #1 Menu (tapping at 1:00 PM unless otherwise noted)

Luftweiss – pure culture white Hefeweizen brewed with Cascade hops
Wicked Fuel – pure culture black Dunkelweizen infused with cold brew coffee
Blondine – white wheat Hefeweizen refermented with NBBCo’s house mixed culture
Very Seldom Naughty Blend2 – Blondine barrel-fermented with Texas white wine lees
Bier No. 217 Blend2 – blend of white and black beers barrel-fermented with brown sugar and juniper berries
Jalapeño PKL FKR – pickle juice Berliner Weisse aged on fresh jalapeños
Eis – freeze-distilled farmhouse Eisbock (brewed in 2014)
Saison de Nefle Blend2 – Blondine refermented with locally-harvested loquats
Black Fury (2017) – small barrel-aged black Dunkelweizen  **tapping at 4:00 PM**
Sex Drive – Berliner Weisse refermented with German raspberry syrup  **tapping at 4:00 PM**

Outside Bar #2 Menu (tapping at 1:00 PM unless otherwise noted)

Cosmic Dancer (2016) – barrel-aged Weizenbock
PKL FKR – Berliner Weisse refermented with two different pickle juices
Les Fleurs du Mal Blend4 – Blondine aged on lemongrass and Texas wildflower honey
Anniversary Edition Michelocal – Blondine, PKL FKR, and Tank’s Bloody Mary mix
Mate e Cerveja – Blondine aged on Yerba Mate leaves  **tapping at 4:00 PM**

Outside Bar #3 Menu (tapping at 1:00 PM unless otherwise noted)

Self Medication Blend1 – black Weizenbock aged 14 months in red wine barrels with lees, then aged 3 additional months in bourbon barrels
Das Lokal Blend2 – Blondine aged in Texas red wine barrels with lees
Sangre de Shiva Blend9 – black Weizenbock aged in Texas red wine barrels with lees
Sangre de Lenoir Blend2 – Blondine refermented with Texas black Spanish wine grapes  **tapping at 4:00 PM**
Sangre de Shiva Blend8 – black Weizenbock aged in Texas red wine barrels with lees  **tapping at 4:00 PM**
Revolverheld Blend1 – collaboration with Infamous Brewing. Hijack cream ale blended with Uber farmhouse Weizenbock.  **tapping at 4:00 PM**

Cask (tapping at 1:00 PM)

Hopfenstopfen Blend2 Mosaic – Blondine dry-hopped with Mosaic hops

Bottle Pours

Kupfer – blend of Blondine and Uber (amber sour farmhouse wheat)
NB Best Blend2 – collaboration with Guadalupe Brewing. Honey Ale barrel-fermented with Blondine.

This is a ticketed event, so make sure you buy them before they sell out. Each ticket gets you a limited New Braunfels Brewing 4th anniversary glass and three beer tickets which can be used as either three full pours or six half pours. Tickets are available through this Eventbrite link.

For more information about the event, check out the Facebook event page link.